03 December 2021
Public hearing in Shkodra on ALMONIT-MTC

The Albanian Development Fund, in cooperation with the Municipality of Shkodra, have organized on December 3rd a public hearing for the project Almonit-MTC. Almonit-MTC intends, among other aims, to create a multimodal connection between Albania and Montenegro through Lake Shkodra.

Three suitable areas have been identified for the location of these piers: one near the city of Shkodra, one in the center of Shiroka, and another in Zogaj.

Participants were informed that in all three locations floating jetties will be used to ensure that water level differences are accounted for.

After opening remarks by the Mayor of Shkodra, Ms. Voltana Ademi, a representative of ADF from the ALMONIT project staff presented the project to the participants. The consultants for the design of the piers presented the technical project and the Environment Impact Assessment.

A Q&A session followed where participants exhausted their concerns regarding the environmental impact of this intervention. The meeting emphasized the positive impact of the intervention in improving transport conditions and boosting tourism in the area.