P.A. 4 / S.O. 4.1 - N. 359


Albania, Montenegro, Italy, Multimodal Transport Connectivity

Project Summary

The overall objective of “ALMONIT-MTC - Albania, Montenegro, Italy Multimodal Transport Connectivity” is to increase cross-border accessibility, promote sustainable transport services and facilities and improve public infrastructures. In particular, four multimodal maritime transport connections will operate between Italy, Albania and Montenegro, while a new pilot multimodal transport on Lake Shkodra will connect Albania with Montenegro. For Albania, this is the first intervention in international inland water transport. The direct beneficiaries are citizens and local public authorities, that will benefit from intensified socio-economic interaction, as well as increased skills and capacities in asset management.


Total budget 7.000.000,00 EUR
EU Contribution IPA co-financing 85%
Duration 2019 / 2023

Main Outputs

-    1 new pilot multimodal transport connection between Albania and Montenegro in the Shkodra Lake

-    4 multimodal maritime transport connections between Italy, Albania and Montenegro (Ports of Bari, Termoli, Shengjin and Bar).

Project Partnership
Lead Partner
Fondi Shqiptar i Zhvillimit (AL) - Contacts: Aurora Alimadhi - aalimadhi[at]albaniandf.org
Project Partners
  1. Regione Puglia – Dip. Mobilità, Qualità Urbana, Opere Pubbliche, Ecologia e Paesaggio (IT)
  2. Ministarstvo Saobraćaja i Pomorstva Crne Gore (ME)
  3. Regione Molise, 1° Dip. Presidenza Giunta Regionale (IT)
Associated Partners
  1. Opština Bar (ME)
  2. Bashkia Shkoder (AL)
ALMONIT-MTC, the project that brings shores closer: launch event in Tirana